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The revolutionary,  versatile Sidewall Shingle Panels – the perfect solution for an effortless and personalized home upgrade. These panels are incredibly easy to install, saving you time and effort. Not only do they add a touch of timeless elegance to any house, but they also enhance its unique architectural features. Experience the transformation and elevate the aesthetic of your home with our customizable Sidewall Shingle Panels.


Introducing our locally made Sidewall Shingle Panels, crafted with the finest Western Red Cedar for a premium look. We prioritize quality by kiln-drying each shingle to prevent any movement or damage.

Our panels are available in 4' or 8' lengths and offer two different styles - Even Butt-Line or Staggered Butt-Line. Choose between an Open Keyway for a classic look or a Closed Keyway for a tightly jointed finish to match your personal style.

The panels feature overlapping end joints, eliminating the need for extra flashing or caulking. With a strong, durable adhesion provided by polyurethane waterproof glue, you can be confident in the longevity of our panels.

Plus, say goodbye to tannin bleed or iron stain issues that can damage your equipment during installation - our panels are designed to prevent these problems. Explore our Evenbutt and Staggered Open Keyway Shingle Panels for a flawless and stylish solution.


Shingle Panel Details
Butt Course Size Style Panel per Square
½” 1/Course 7.1” Even Butt 21
½” 1/Course 7.1” Open Keyway 21
½” 1/Course 7.1” Staggered 21
½” 1/Course 7.1” Staggered Open Keyway 21
½” 1/Course 5.3” Even Butt 28
½” 1/Course 5.3” Open Keyway 28
½” 1/Course 5.3” Staggered 28
½” 1/Course 5.3” Staggered Open Keyway 28
• Shingle Panels speed up the application time
• Our manufacturing will ensure keyways will not line up when
applied course by course as per our installment guide.
• Our beveled corners have a keyway created. This allows for quick, and easy installation.


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